●  A real woman build her home;  She sustains the home; she is obedient to God’s  precepts;  her children grow up to be strong and energetic.
●  A real woman is a mother indeed. he cares for her husband  and children passionately she leads by example .
●  A real woman is pious and devoted to Christ, she is an embodiment of true womanhood, pure, chaste, holy, just, and righteous she willingly forgive, forget and forgets ahead; her annoyance, never lasting from duck till dawn to avoid sinning.
●  A real woman is the quintessential Christian woman; tutoring the family in sound Christian ethics, well grounded in Christian values;  She is unrelenting in prayer, zealous in the word of God ; and imparting Bible principles tirelessly.
●  A real woman  takes active interest in the things of God ; on her knees praying, her prayer can move mountain.
●  A real woman  Has overwhelming influence in her home towards children upbringing; she is passionate towards spreading the word of God.

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