When I was growing up, I met this girl and she was very beautiful and decent, I fell in love with her instantly. We dated for eight months, during this period she refused all my advances to sleep with her, not even a kiss was permitted because she hardly go out let alone making friends but we had our meetings during her extra moral classes, I love her dearly.

Then she got admission into the University, I also got admission but could not proceed because my parents could not afford it but on the other hand my lover proceeded because her parents were well to do. To my advantage a guy in my neighborhood attended same school with her, each time he is leaving for school, I would give little money, gifts and letters to help me deliver to her because there was no mobile phone then. So that was how I communicated with her for a period until she stopped replying my letter, so this lead to our break up because I no longer held from her and I was really heart-broken because I love her deeply.
Later in life, precisely ten years later our parts crossed again but this time I was more stable financially and she was ok too, so we picked up from where we stopped and within a month into the new relationship, we made love. But I kept thinking if she is real because of the way she treated me back then. So I concluded that she is here because of the money and I broke up the relationship three months ago. Now she is saying I broke her heart when she shattered mine first

RS: Am I a bad person?


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