Am eighteen years old, from a Christian home in my first year in the university.  My parents are  very strict. During my secondary school days am not allowed to visit friends and they are not welcome at my home.

Life in the university is so sweet is like have been in prison over the years, I can now go anywhere I want to, do anything I want to do without anyone questioning me.

The thing is am pregnant for my boyfriend, I met him here in school. Didn’t know I was pregnant because I’ve been seeing my period but last week I was feeling very sick so I went to see a doctor and was told am four months pregnant.  I told my boyfriend about it, he asked I go for an abortion. Don’t want my parents to know about this, so I need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

My question has anyone done abortion before? Is it very painful? House  please share your experience with me cos am scared, in my room crying please am waiting for anyone to share their experience with me Thanks.


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  • @ poster, Your parents are strict because they want the best for you, and all they did is to protect you from things like this but you saw it as imprisonment. You wanted freedom now see what the freedom has caused you.

    We don’t encourage abortion here, you have to take responsibility for your actions. Have you thought of what might happen to you when trying to get rid of that baby? Your so called boyfriend has nothing to lose if you lose your life in the process.

    At this age your studies should be your number one pority not boy friend. Just go and inform your parents about your pregnancy and face whatever comes out of it. Welcome to motherhood.