My friend husband lives abroad,…  I haven’t met him before, have only seen is picture on Facebook. My friend has three kids, I have two kids. I noticed My friend only visits when my husband is around. she is a loud talker, I became uncomfortable with her regular visit.

Out from the blues My husband suddenly passworded his phone. I somehow managed to get his password and behold what I saw was mind-blowing, my friend’s nude pictures on my husband phone  I quickly sent the pictures to my phone. Then I went through their chat and discovered they’ve had sex thrice. I was really crossed with both of them but pretend I didn’t see anything, l started working on her to get my pound of flesh.  I added her husband on Facebook and chatted him up we became friends, and in a short while he started sending me money the first money he sent me was one hundred and fifty thousand naira. Last month he told me he was coming to Nigeria, on the day of his arrival I told my husband I was going on a three days business trip in Lagos, am an interior decorator.  I spend three days with her husband before he went to her.

Her husband is such a sweet man, he is very nice and caring he treated me like a queen, I wished the three days I spent with him shouldn’t end. meanwhile my friend told my husband to put their relationship on hold till her husband goes back.

She called me to complain that her husband affection for her is slowly swaying away, and she suspect’s he is cheating on her. At that point I got furious and let the cat out of the bag. I ask her if she’s not also cheating on him, she denied she has never cheated on him, I hanged up on her. Immediately I forward her nude pictures on my phone to her.

Recently she saw all the money transaction her husband has sent to me on his phone, she also saw our chat now she is calling and begging me to leave her husband I told her  I won’t leave him cos am already in love with him beside when she was busy sleeping with my husband I did not tell her to leave him, and if she calls me again I will post her nude pictures on social media. Her husband is very rich good-looking and so caring don’t know why she cheated on him in the first place. The good thing is, he also feels the same about me, he loves me dearly.

RS: before you judge me put yourself in my shoes, you will understand. As for me I don’t regret my actions, just thought I should share my story on how I got my pound of flesh.


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