car front seats are now to be feared

Car front seats are now to be feared

I went to an ATM to withdraw some cash this afternoon and a car came by with four guys in it. Three of them were seated at the back while the other was the driver with the front seat empty. They all came down from the car and after withdrawing money from the ATM, they went back and sat in their previous positions. I was asking myself, why was no one in the front sit? Then I flashed back to what happened at the mall two weeks ago.

I went to Shoprite, Nigeria’s most patrionized mall and while at the parking lot, I saw crowd was trying so hard to separate two guys having serious a dispute. I parked my car and walked up to them in a bid to quell the tension and restore peace but it was not something I could handle.Not quiet long, security men attached to the mall at the gate came in to resolve the conflict as well. When asked what the cause of the dispute was, John (not real name) explained that he came with Toju (not real name) is best friend to the mall to have a good time and Toju allowed his his girlfriend to use the front seat in Toju’s car when he asked him to pick her up since John didn’t come with his car to the mall and the girlfriend was close by.

Everyone was surprised to hear that John is fighting Toju over his girlfriend making use of the front seat in Toju’s car but we were in for more when he went further to explain the mystery behind the front seat.

In John’s words, everything was wrong with her sitting on the front seat. In fact he said Toju was wicked knowing the girl in question is his wife to be and yet he allowed her sit in his front. The question at this point was, what is in the front seat?

Everyone was mouth-wide-opened when John confessed whoever sits on that seat their destiny and glory will be taking away and the person will just be an empty shell all the rest of his/her life. Toju in bid to defend himself tried to explain that actually asked the girl to make use of the back seat but she refused and he couldn’t force her to go back on her stance.

Such a big revelation that calls for everyone especially ladies to be cautious of who they hang out with as the age we are in is full of evil. Be careful of the cars you hop in when offered lifts. Be mindful of that guy who all of a sudden appears looking made overnight. This is what is trending for the young men of today who want it quick by all means in this part of the world.


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