Am four months pregnant due to complications am having with the pregnancy, doctor advised I abstain from sex and have lot of rest to avoid further complications. Hubby was with me when the doctor gave the advise
Hubby suggests my mum come over so she can take care of me. Few days later,   hubby vacated our room to another room with the excuse of not getting tempted .
After the arrival of mum hubby was acting weird I begin to suspect him, since I couldn’t place my hand on anything I let it slide, beside mum is a deaconess in church. On Thursday I pretend to have gone out to buy mango but I was in the restroom in my room. forty minutes later I couldn’t hear their voice so I  went to  mum’s room, behold my husband  and mum was having sex. Mum is fifty six years old and hubby is thirty two.
To add salt to my injurie,  mother said I should be grateful she is helping me so my husband don’t cheat on me with girls outside. I slapped her at of anger and hubby hit me back. I have left the house to a friend’s place, I have also told my sister what mum did. our dad is late.
RS: What do I do? Should I abort the baby and go deal with both my mum and husband?

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