Am a first time mum, My woman leader in my church comes to bath me and baby twice a day ( morning and evening ), and she also help with the house chores. She offers to take care of me and baby for two months, by then I will be strong enough to do things myself.

She is in her forties a widow, she is well-respected in my church because of her good nature most women in my church looks up to her. She is someone I hold in high esteem, she was like a mum to me.

On Saturday morning she came and saw that I was burning up, she advise I go see a doctor,  I told her baby is just few weeks old and I can’t go out with him, she offers to babysit baby till I returned my husband was also home so I agreed and went to the clinic.

When I got home I rang the bell twice but no respond so I use my keys,  there was no one in the sitting room, I walked straight to my bedroom and behold I saw my woman leader in bed making out with my husband I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw. If someone else had told me I won’t believe I will even fight the person for telling lies.

Have reported them to my pastor, my woman leader has been calling me but have refuse to take her calls, as for my husband I won’t forgive him for having sex with another woman on my matrimonial bed, I can’t continue with this marriage. I will never go to church again, never again will I trust anyone.

Am sharing my story so others can learn, be careful who you trust in short trust no one.


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  • @poster I understand your pain. It hurt to be betrayed by those you love, as painful as it is, you have to put yourself together.
    You said you won’t go to church again how did God wronged you ? your going to church is not for man but for God, God allowed you to see them so you will be mindful whom you trust.

    Is a good thing you now know the kind of man you are married to but you still have to forgive him.
    Stay away from your woman leader she is evil thank God your church now knows who she really is. May the Lord heal your broken heart.