Could My Husband’s First wife be a Witch?

My husband is a very rich man and I happen to be his second wife. I met him few weeks after I got dumped by my longtime boy friend who I met in school. A few years after we graduated, he traveled out of the country and joined him up later but things didn’t work out between us as he finally dumped me. I had no choice but to return to Nigeria as my visiting visa was approaching its expiry date.

I met my husband shortly after my return to Nigeria. Am a very beautiful woman with a nice shape. I have everything that will make a man fall for me. My husband fell in love with me at first sight and we got married few months after we met and I moved into one of his buildings. His first wife had three kids as at when we got married. My husband only go see his kids in the afternoon after school and has never spent the night with them since we got married. I had him all to myself. Or so I thought.

My marriage is seven years old now with still no kids but his first wife has had four more kids within the same period – the woman he has never spend the night with since he married me. All my  effort to get pregnant has been fruitless. My friend introduced me to a pastor who told me unless I leave my husband, I will never have a child. That no matter how I pray, God won’t answer. The Pastor even said a single guy will come asking for my hand in marriage and I should marry him else I will leave a miserable life in the future.

To make issues worse, ex who is still single is begging me to leave my husband and come back to him. He wants to marry me but I can’t go back to him. He broke my heart and he is the reason why am here today. My husband has never stopped loving me. He does everything for me. He gets me anything I ask for and cannot stay without me for a week.

Recently I had an issue with my husband that made me leave the house for a few days and for the first time in seven years, I ovulated while I was away. We have settled and am back home. I think my husband first wife is responsible for my inability to conceive if not why is she the only one having kids? She has had four more kids since I married my husband yet have not gotten one and how come for the first time in seven years I ovulated when I was out of the house? I perceive Something is not right.

Should I confront her?


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