Dont go to the bank without a pen

Don’t go to the bank without a pen

The pen is a little object that has taken over how our day-to-day lives are being run. Government policies and laws are been signed with this less-than $1 tool. Corruption in public and private offices is perpetrated with a pen. Transactions are often not completed without it. Little wonder the essence of going to the bank with one is necessary. Neglecting the pen while going to the bank is a common practice by bank customers in this part of the world but for the woman in this story, it proved to be costly for her. Read and learn.
In the world we are living today, negligent is not an excuse. One should be careful at all times because the things you take for granted might just be a pain in the ass later.
Yesterday a woman went to the bank to pay in money without a pen and she pleaded with a man standing next to her to lend her his pen. The man gave her his pen and told her to meet him outside when she is through. The minute she collected the pen from him, she lost control of herself and was left to do whatever he said. The man simply asked her to withdraw all her money for him and she withdrew all her savings  of N450,000.00 (four hundred and fifty thousand Naira) added to what she was to deposit which she handed over to the man outside the banking hall. She became conscious after the man has made away with her money and was left to rue her loss.
This could have been avoided if only she went to the bank with her pen. What she took for granted caused her, her life savings.


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