Help! My wife left me for another man

Infidelity is responsible for over 55% of broken homes and and marriages according to Wilkinson and Finkbeiner  Family Law Attorneys making it the third most prevalent reason behind arguments and lack of commitment from a couple. Across the globe divorce is on the increase highly making even some to be weary of getting involved with the commitment marriage demands. In this story, Joma (not real name) narrates the story of his unfaithful wife who he loved dearly but left him for another man with reasons he could not fathom. She chose her lover over him when the options were presented – a scenario that left him hurting. Surprisingly, she is back asking for his forgiveness after he already moved on. Lets read and share our opinions and advice Joma. Enjoy it.

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I love my wife so much, we have a daughter together to the best of my knowledge have been a good husband to her, never for once did I cheat on her, I gave her everything she asked for. Am not very rich but am not doing bad either. At first when I was told my wife was cheating didn’t believe it because I didn’t see any reason for her to one to cheat on me, I could even swear with my life that she was not cheating because I so trust and believed her.

Few weeks after I was told she was cheating, I got a call from same person that told me she was cheating. In fact, he gave me an address and asked me to go there at once. I did went there and behold I saw my wife in a party with another guy kissing and holding hands. It was as if the whole world was crumbling down on me. I was caught staring with shock on seeing my wife in the hand of another man. It is an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.

I took my wife home asked her why she was cheating and she couldn’t give me an answer and instead, she said “nothing”. I was ready to forgive her and move on for the sake of our marriage as divorce is something I do not want to be involved with. I pleaded with my wife to stop seeing the other guy but to my surprise, my wife blatantly refused and continued seeing him. I called both families for a meeting so they can talk sense into her but my wife told all of us to the face that she wont. Instead, she would rather leave the marriage. My wife chose her lover over me and our marriage and left me for good. She walked out of my life leaving our daughter with me.\


A year after, I went to my village to look for a girl for the sake of my daughter. I found someone and came back to the city with her but I was held back from proceeding to marriage due to my experience a year ago but we have been living together for a while. I thought I had seen the end of my wife until last week when my wife came over to my house. She is asking me to forgive and take her back. I have been receiving different visitors sent by my wife to plead on her behalf. What do I do with a woman that left me for another guy, how do I take her back?

What do you advise I do? Take back my wife and send the other woman away? Or I should go ahead and marry the woman in my house and don’t send my wife packing? 


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