Am sharing my story so others can learn from it, I  lived in Ghana with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I love each other very much, we’ve dated for quite some time.

I got a call from Nigeria, my mum called me and asked I come to Nigeria at once. I told her my boyfriend travelled out-of-town and I can’t go to Nigeria on his absent, she said is better he was away that I should come with the next available bus to Nigeria, she said the matter is between life and death.

When I got to Nigeria, my mum took me to her pastor who saw that my boyfriend has used me for money ritual, he said he has put me in a coffin and it is killing me gradually. He saw it while praying for my mum and told her. That was why I was invited, then a two weeks deliverance was done. Shortly after my deliverance I got news from Ghana that my boyfriend is dead. God saved me from death.


RS: please post my story so others can learn. In life trust no one.



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