Money is the means of livelihood. How do you acquire wealth or riches?  The first point to note is : “it is God that giveth power to acquire wealth ” (Prov.21:31). Without God in your camp , you will go to work or your business place and come back home empty-handed.  But when God is at the centre of your life, your harvest will be bountiful.
Secondly, seek His face to know where to work or what kind of business to do; either to work for others or be self-employed.  Many are working for others whereas they have been destined to be employers of labour. They will suffer in the hand of taskmasters. Ironically, many are supposed to uphold the vineyard of another e.g. work as an employee in an organization but they went ahead to establish their own vineyard without heavens approval. Such people will equally suffer.
Thirdly, it is important to learn the skills of the trade or vacation you belong to. Which means you have to go to a formal school if need be, learn the trade and also make necessary enquiry about the business and get to know the nitty-gritty of the business before you venture into it. Many have made a shipwrecked of their lifetime investment because they venture into a business without proper investigation of how it works.
Having ascertained those three factors above,  devotion and commitment to the task is also a vital point to consider. The bible says ”  see a man diligent in his business he will not stand before mean men but before kings”  . When you are committed to your task your task will deliver wealth to you. Some Christians have the attitude of handing over everything to God to do for them. They don’t know that God has His own part and they have their own part to play in the success of their life. Do your part and God will do His part .
Another vital point on how to acquire wealth  is an attitude of sowing which me means you should be on the look for an opportunity to be a blessing in the life of others. It may not necessarily be money in cash but it could be an advice,  provision of information,  a word of encouragement or an opportunity for your subordinate to grow. It could be by establishing business for others and they will make returns to you after sales.
Seek for any available  opportunity to grow in whatever thing you are doing for a living.  You need to think and seek for a better way you can improve in your business and increase your income.  You must know how to treat your customers, collect their phone numbers and reach them if you do not see them for a long time. Show concern about their well-being family, work, health etc. By so doing they will be adhered to you and be your customer for life.

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