My babies dad was once married with three kids, his wife left him and the kids. We met a year after she left, few months into our relationship I moved in with him, I took care of his kids like they were mine.

Years later we had two kids together and we’ve all been leaving happily, then recently his ex-wife came back begging to be in his life again, he told me about it and said he can never have her back.

Last month I got to know they are back together, and when I confronted him he said they have reconciled but I should worry less because he is making plans to go see my parents for my dowry payment. I told him never, I won’t let that happen, after have spent years nursing her children now she is coming back for them. Last week he went to work and did not return on time, I called to check up on him but his ex-wife answered my call, they were together.


When he came back that night we had a serious fight, I couldn’t stand the heartbreak, so I drank snapper ( an insecticide ) I wanted to end it all because I can’t be alive and watch that woman take all that have labour for all this year’s.

I would have died if I was not rushed to the clinic on time. how can he be so wicked, after all the years have spent with him, he is trying to compensate me by getting married to me, while he stay’s married to her. This is unacceptable, never will I agree to this.
Reality stories what do you advise I do?


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