Sometime ago I was going through life difficulties my sister introduced me to her pastor after some sections of prayer with him things became fine again. I also introduced my husband to him because my husband is going through financial crisis.
This pastor has been of help to me financially ever since he was introduced to me, one thing lead to another I and the pastor became lovers, can’t really tell how it happened, I know what am doing is bad but I just can’t break free from it. My sister is not aware of this, is just between me and the pastor. Often times I tried to put an end to this ungodly act but I can’t because this man is a pillar to me financially.
Recently my phone got bad, my husband has two phones so he gave one of his phone to me. when I wanted to call my lover, his number was registered on my husband phone as Pain. Have been in shock since then, why would my husband register his number as Pain? By any chance his he aware of my relationship with this pastor? If yes why has he not confronted me? My mind has been racing since then so many questions on my mind.
RS: What do you think about this?
Why will my husband store a pastor’s number on his phone as PAIN?
Am confused and wouldn’t want to lose my marriage. Please I need answers.

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  • @ poster, is a two-way thing, there could be a missing puzzle that could be far from him knowing you are cheating. Something like a dark secret going on between them that is against your husband will. Or your husband knows you are sleeping with the pastor.

    I would advise you ask your husband why is the pastor’s number register with pain on his phone, am sure he will tell you because him alone has the answer to your question.

    You have to sever all ties with that pastor, and go to God for forgiveness. It seems to me you are a lazy woman, instead of selling yourself for money why not make yourself useful start a business or better still learn a good handiwork with that you can be able to take care of your financial needs and also assist your husband financially till things get better.