Loss my values chasing mr right


In the search for Mr Right, sixty percent of ladies all fall into wrong hands in their desperation to get hooked up. Some ended up having broken homes and others never live to tell the story.  Read and leave advice.
I’ve always condemned girls dating married men. I hate it with passion to the extent my mum and siblings know how I condemn the act. When I met my ex-boyfriend, he told me he was single. It was love at first sight. Just a few months into our relationship, I discovered that he was married. I felt so bad because he really lead me on; I thought I have found my Mr right.
I had access to the key to his apartment for we were planning to go see my parents when I found out he was  married with kids. His family lives in another town.I broke up with him the minute I knew he was married. I was really heartbroken knowing I was sleeping with someone else’s husband all this time. It hurt me more because I discriminated the act of dating a married man.
Few months later, I met another who is young but was married as well. We are in the same line of business and that brought us very close as we became very good friends. I know his wife but we are not friends. We share everything in common; our likes and dislike. He knows about my ex and how he deceived me.
In a short while, we became lovers. I still could not let him go even when I know it was a wrong act. I wanted to have him all to myself. We traveled together for business, he made me forget my values. Anytime I tried to pull out, he gave me reasons to stay put, he told me he loves me and can’t let go of me no matter what. His wife was not even a barrier to us and he never gave me a reason to feel he was someone else’s man.
Note: He is a friend to my neighbor. The first time we met, he was on a visit to my neighbor’s house with his wife. His wife always sees me each time they visited.
We ran out of luck soon enough. His wife saw our chat and recognized me at once from my display picture. Few days after, my neighbor’s wife came to me lamentations of disappointment in me when she found out I was seeing her husband’s friend. She told me blatantly she has always known me to be a decent girl with good values.
For the first time, I felt ashamed and hated myself. Her words pierced through my heart and I realized my mistakes and regretted my act. I told her am in love with him and can’t help it. She advised me to let him go and go to his wife for forgiveness to enable he cancel all the curses she placed on me.
I met his wife and confessed everything to her. I told her how much I loved her husband and how long we’ve been seeing each other. I begged her to cancel the curses she placed on me but she refused saying, she will only do that when she is really sure I have stop seeing her man. He came to my shop with his wife the following day and told me his wife knows about our relationship now and asked that we breakup. He advised I shouldn’t take it to heart since he didn’t promise me marriage and he cannot afford to lose his wife. I said OK (like I had a choice) and they left.
That was how our romance ended. I regret dating him and I will never allow myself to be used  by a married man again. I have learnt my lessons but am worried. His wife has refused to cancel the curses she placed on me. I am thinking of going back to plead with her to cancel it when things cool down. Reality Stories what do you think?

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  • Thank God you have learnt your lesson, and I hope other girls learn from your story. Ask God for forgiveness, ” the heart of the king Is in God’s hand” pray to God to touch her and make her to forgive you, because if she forgives you, she will uplift the curse she placed on you.

    Tell your pastor about it, let him join you in prayer then after that you can go back to her and asked her for forgiveness, once she forgives you, she will uplift the curse.

    And please stay away from married men cos someday you will also get married, and I hope you won’t like it if a girl sleeps with your husband. Do to others what you wish them to do to you. Stay bless.