My wife and I have been separated over a year now but we are not divorced, have tried everything to bring her back but she has refused to come back, I even send my family and friends to go apologize to her and ask her to come back home but she won’t budge. Although this is not the first time she has left the house with my kids but she usually comes back home after pleading with her but this time is different and she has stayed longer than expected.

Her reason for leaving is that am unfaithful to her, yes I admit to having mistresses but am not the first man to cheat, ninety-nine percent of married men cheat, it is in our nature to cheat. I feel there was no cause for alarm because am not marrying anyone of them neither do I have plans of bringing them home but she has refuse to understand. I have pleaded with her to return home with the kids but she has refused if not for anything but to consider our children which every woman will do to protect the future of her children.

Last week, she eloped with our kids, have been to her family and friends but nobody seems to know where she is. If i know she is planning something, I would have taken the kids from her, I was thinking she will come back home but I thought wrong.

RS: Please tell her to return my kids, am ready to forgive and take her. She is one of your readers and I  know wherever she is, she will be reading your posts. Wife please bring back my kids, school is resuming next week and you know I can’t do without them.


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  • @ poster, are you really sure you want your wife back? From your story you don’t feel remorse for cheating on her and is obvious you are not ready to change. Why do you want her back so she can babysit your kids while you go around cheating?

    You blamed her for not putting your kids into consideration before living, did you consider them before cheating?

    She is your beloved wedded wife with emotions you should treat her as such. If you Want her back then learn how to love and respect her. Learn to be a husband not a boss only then can you have her back. Goodluck