● Deep knowledge about God.

● Always pray together with your spouse.

● Always forgive your spouse.

● learn to say these words to your spouse ” I am sorry and thank you”.

● Defend each other ( fighting for one another).

● Be faithful and always open up to your spouse.

● Accept him or her the way he or she is.

● Don’t try to compare your spouse with anyone.

● love your spouse unconditionally.

● Occasionally shower together.

● Always admire your spouse.

● Always learn to buy nice gift for each other.

● Women learn to submit to your husband it is the key to winning a man’s heart because men were created to be egoistic but men on the other hand must love their wife in return.

●  Never maltreat your wife for Any reason.

● Always satisfy your spouse in bed, don’t punish your spouse by denying him or her access to your body. Don’t become insensitive to the sexual desire of your spouse.

● Always look attractive for your spouse. Be neat and highly organized.

● learn to say I love you to your spouse.

● Always respect your spouse. Respect is reciprocal.

● Plan together with your spouse.

● Always talk and play together.

● Sometime send your spouse a romantic text.

● Don’t insult your spouse even when you are angry.


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