two weeks ago I and two of my friends went to shoprite cinema to see a movie. Just as the movie was about to start one of my friend got a call, she walked outside to take her call, I noticed she was taking longer than expected. She stayed up to fifty minutes or more before coming back.

When she returned we asked why she stayed long outside, she said after taking her call as she was coming back a guy approached her, told her he likes her and would want to finger her in his car. At first she insulted him and walked away then the guy ran after her and promised to give her fifty thousand Naira  (#50,000) if she agrees. She agreed and follow him to the car when the guy was done he gave her the money as promised.

We comment her for taking the offer, we wished it was us and told her she was lucky.

Just as the movie came to an end, my friend was feeling funny, we advise she use the washroom since she has not wash up after the act. We where outside the wash room waiting for her, when she rushed out with blood coming out from her private part. She bleed for some hours and died. Doctors couldn’t help her because they couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with her.

RS: please share this story so other slay queens like us can learn from it thanks.


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