I really want to appreciate your great work, keep the good work, I want to be anonymous in this story..
I have been dating my guy for a while now, he is caring, loving and understanding. He is a graduate and very intelligent but the problem am having with him is that he is too lazy.

It’s been years we left school and still no job, he keeps hoping and believing he will get a white-collar job and this wait is taking years, I have spoken with him severally about doing something or starting a business instead of the long wait for a job and he is in his Forties and still not serious about doing something, if he is not lazy, why does he not make himself useful, everyone must not get a job and he dismisses any ideal of a business working out and I am fed up with all these excuses and age is not on my side and I need to settle down. I am not seeing my future with him.

RS: What should I do?
Should I keep waiting for him to get a job or just move on before is too late for me?


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