my cousin wants to sleep with me

My Cousin is trying so hard to sleep with me

I was living in the village with my parents when my aunt Ms Becky came to take me to Lagos to live with her. I  was very much overwhelmed as  I thought I had seen the route out of what seemed a low life at that time. Ms Becky saw me through Primary and Secondary education in Lagos but everything changed not long after that.

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She lost her job along the line and that led to my inability to further my education. I was sent back to the the village by my aunt, Ms Becky when things became too difficult for her. Life in the village was really hard especially due to the fact that I had experienced an easier and better way of living and this was like learning to adapt to life in the village all over again.

While on the brink of giving up on myself, my cousin brother showed up and I felt relieved. He told my parents he wants me to go with him to Warri and promised to enroll me for a vocational course when I get to Warri which was an offer my parents could not resist. I could not wait to leave the village myself and this was the perfect opportunity to achieve that.

My first few months in Warri was nothing short of perfect. My cousin brother was caring, friendly, understanding and always did all he could to make me happy but something strange happened. I woke up one night with the perception of someone touching me and the sight was surprising. My cousin brother was all over me in an attempt to sleep with me.

I made him to stop with threats of screaming and he came the next day to apologize  saying he didn’t know what came over him. I speedily forgave him and I thought that was it though I was very careful with him from that point. Things never remained the way they were at first as my cousin changed from that day.


He would leave the house without leaving any money and not even bothered if I was in the house or not. My loving cousin would beat me up at the slightest provocation. I could not believe my latest experience. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagined this. Things became unbearable to the extent I had to look for a job as sales assistance to fend for myself.

I endured all the ill treatment from him just because i had no other place to go to but my latest revelation is raising a concern. Few days ago my cousin and his friend came home and I was offered a drink but I got a hunch not take the drink. I poured out the drink and what I saw was unbelievable. My drink had been drugged and the pills had not melted. I got so furious and confronted him. My cousin could only tell me that I was mistakenly served with the drink for it was prepared for but for some other girl and not me. Now I don’t think am safe with staying with my cousin.

 I have no other place to stay if I leave, don’t want to go back to the village. Reality Stories what do I ?


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  • @poster please return back to your parents you can’t remain in that house. If you continue living in that house, he will rape you one day and still pack you out.

    Go back to your parents that’s the only option you have for now. Just believe in God one day He will send you an helper.