My friend lost her husband in a car crash nine years ago living behind three kids. As a full-time house wife after the death of her husband things became so difficult for her and her kids,  her family has been very supportive over the years. last year she ran into her ex-boyfriend who happens to be the MD of the company she went to apply for job.

A month after they reconnect, they got back together though he is married. ever since they got back together he has been very supportive financially. She is now pregnant for him. My friend wants to get rid of the pregnancy but he wants her to keep it, he wants the pregnancy at all cos because his wife has not given him a child, he has promised to marry her and take care of her kids.

My friend is confused she wants to abort the pregnancy but she is scared of him,  he knows she is planing to get rid of the pregnancy so he is keeping close eye on her.

she said According to her tradition if she keeps the pregnancy the baby will be her late husband’s child because she is still in her late husband’s family house. On the other hand she is scared of marrying him because she don’t want to break his home.

She has three options but she is confused wish to pick.

1.  Should she keep the pregnancy and marry him?

2.  Should she remain in her late husband’s house and have the baby for her late husband ?

3.  Should she abort the pregnancy ?

Please house what option do you advise she pick?


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  • @poster your friend is a mother of three kids she doesn’t need to depend on a man to take care of her kids. Her husband died nine years ago that’s a long time, why did she has to wait this long to look for job? What has she been doing all this years? Don’t tell me she has been depending on her family to feed her kids.

    She trashed the idea of working because her man friend is now taking care of her and her kids, for her long will she depend on him?
    Just because he said she shouldn’t work is not a good reason for her to give up the idea of working. She should know those kids are not his, what happened when he stop been responsible towards them?

    Why start a relationship with him when she knows he is now married, whatever they had in the past should have remained in the past.

    Is a good thing she was once married, she should know how it feels to be cheated on, anything she is doing she should put his wife into concentration if she was in her shoe how will she feel.

    Abortion is not an option I for one am against it but marrying him is also not an option.

    My advise she and her family should go and return the bride price her late husband paid on her, then she and her kids should move out from her late husband family house. She should tell her man friend to get a decent apartment for her and give her money to start up a good business, she should also end every sex relationship with him and beg his wife for forgiveness. His wife has the right to know about the pregnancy.

    If she don’t want to give the baby to his wife no problem she can be with her baby the man can still be a father to his child.

    If she still wants to get married she can still get marry to a single guy after she has put to birth.