my house help wants to die on me

My house help wants to die on me

Suicide is a major topic cutting across continents and races. Old or young, male and female. The rich and the poor. Every quota of the society is not spared from the records books. In this story, a house help resorts to committing suicide as a means to prove her innocence in the face of an alleged theft. Read and leave an advice.

Good day Reality Stories,
A good work you are doing with your platform. Do keep it up. Please I need urgent advice. My house help was found lifeless in her room with foam coming out from her mouth.
She is sixteen years old and helps me out in the shop after school. The nature of my business does not afford me time to stay in the shop as I render home services for my clients. Am see her through her in school by paying her tuition fees together with a monthly salary. I take very good care of her.

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Few days ago, l was looking for something in her room when I saw a jug of money hidden in her wardrobe. I emptied the jug of money filled with #1000 notes on the table. Each note was carefully folded making it very small for large amount to Enter. I counted the money and to my surprise, it was seventy thousand naira (#70,000).
I enquired about the owner of the money and she boldly claimed it to be hers. I asked how she got such amount of money and she couldn’t tell me how she got the money but was just insisting its hers. l was very upset because I was convinced the money was mine. I accused her of stealing the money from my shop knowing fully well I don’t keep record of goods in stock owing to the trust I have in her. Is that why she could steal from me? Am I not taking good care of her? Series of questions I asked with no answers. I took the money and walked away.


I reported to my husband what transpired between us and he was very disappointed. He trusted her as well. He decided to find out from her what had happened but only met her lifeless body on the floor of her room with foam gushing out her mouth.

We rushed her to the hospital and doctors was able to revive her after two hours in the theatre. When asked the reason for her suicide attempt, she confessed to have taken Snapper (an insecticide) to prove that the money was hers

Was her suicide attempt to prove her innocence really or it was a trick to make me change my mind of sending her away? Why would she want to kill herself ? Is it to make me feel guilty? Am confused right now. Am thinking of sending her back to her parents. What do I do?


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  • You shouldn’t be concerned about the money, you should be thanking God she survived, have you thought of what her parents would have done to you if she did’t survive it? God forbid if that was the case by now you and your husband would’ve be dancing a different music.

    Send her back to her parents when she is fully recover to avoid future occurrence.
    Since you can’t tell if the money is hers or yours, then let her have the money , if she actually stole it from you, leave her to God let Him judge. Like you said “you have been good to her” let your good deeds speak for you. Erase the thought of who owns the money because that money won’t have brought her back to life if she did’t make it.