Three years ago my husband bought me a watch which he claimed was twenty-five thousand naira I was upset because he only buys me gifts that he likes and not what I like.

Imagine a situation where I don’t wear watches but he has gifted me fifteen watches and I like shoes yet not a single shoe gift, and I  have several times explained to him the type of gifts I like.

Meanwhile he costs my gifts and  if they aren’t very expensive he won’t use it.

Back to the gist; in anger I sold off the last watch gift he gave to me and since then I have not had my peace.

Anytime there is an argument he brings up the topic not regarding the fact that he treats my inexpensive gifts with disdain.
Remember this twenty-five thousand Naira Means nothing to him. We both work and are very well paid.

I’m fed up with him always recalling the watch. I have apologised over and over and he’s refused I’m thinking of buying it back from the person I sold it to whatever the cost. The challenge is even if I buy it I don’t wear watches.

RS: what do you think?


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