I got married in December 2013. the struggle for survival begins when  hubby lost his job February 2014. I picked up a teaching job where I was paid nine thousand naira monthly, l never complained even though I hated teaching job. every month I gave him everything I earn because I hate to see him suffer. He went to a prayer house where he was told am the cause of his sudden crisis.

He brought a girl called Ola his girlfriend to the house whenever I go to work. One day he brought the girl and her mum home and introduced her as a friend in need he told me her mum is a poor widow. ever since she and her mum was introduced to me, I have done so much for them in my own little way. I gave her cloths, shoes and food I even gave her eight thousand from my nine thousand Naira salary for her mum hospital bill when she was hospitalized. Not knowing she was sleeping with my husband. I got to find out about their affair and talked to hubby about it and he promised to stop seeing her.

I thought his cheating was as a result of him been idle so I went to my dad for help, dad agreed to help regardless of him been against my marriage to him. Dad lend us five hundred thousand naira to start  up a business. He flopped the business because he was arrogant to his customers. I kept on borrowing, from dad, mum and my siblings and it amounted to seven hundred thousand naira we borrowed from my family.

Early 2015, he was accused of raping a minor, he was humiliated beaten and dragged to the police station, regardless of the shame I stood by him and held his hand all through the way, even his mother advised me to abandon him and move on but I refused, my family stood by me all the way. Finally he was proved not guilty the girl later confessed he was innocent. July 2015, the school I work was closed down and I became jobless. I went into series of prayers and in no time we were able to move to our house we started building before marriage. We kept on waiting on God and kept on searching for job with the help of my family we were able to put food on our table. hubby became faithful to me. In September 2015, he was called to supervise a project and was asked to set his own salary. He started the job and I thought things will become better. But he started acting up and started calling me names. He talks to me without respect and remind me of how jobless I am and how I haven’t been able to bear him a child.

To be continued


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