Have been married for eleven years with God on our side it has been a blissful marriage. Am  having a challenge and this has been on for as long as I can remember.

I have seven rooms in my house but we are currently using four. one for me, one for hubby, one For my kids and one for my househelp.  it happens that whenever my mum in-law visit us hubby will insist she sleep in his room (our matrimonial room) I will always offer she sleeps in my room while I join hubby in his room but hubby always says his mum can’t sleep in a room alone, even when I asked one of my daughter to join her, hubby will insist she sleeps with him in his room and mum in-law will be so comfortable sleeping in my matrimonial bed without seeing anything wrong with it, this has been on for sometime now and is causing problem between me and hubby, I sometimes refuse him having sex with me on that bed.

Whenever mum in-law is around he will sneak out of his room to mine for sex and go back to join her. But when my mum visit she sleeps in my room while I join hubby in his room. Now hubby just informed me that mum in-law is coming tomorrow.

Am not comfortable with this anymore. What should I do?

Please Advise me and notify me when posted.


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