My younger sister’s wedding was on Saturday and it all went well at the church but when we got to the reception, it was a different ball game, During refreshment food and drinks were not served to our quests and family members and my mum was not pleased with this situation.

When she confronted the situation why her guest and family members were not entertained, this lead to my mum been slapped by one of my brother-in-law which resulted to a big fight. the boy’s family beat my dad and mum, one of his younger brother had guts to slap my sister in front of her husband and he did nothing to stop them rather he joined them to fight us. My pain now is after everything, my sister still went home with her husband and they even threatened to deal with her when she gets to their house, I pleaded with her not to go but she refused, my mum even told her to come with us but she refused and went with him.

I don’t know what to call this love or foolishness, how could she go home with those people who insulted and beat up your parents publicly and my mum fainted and my dad’ s head was broken and we went home in a keke because the car we use was provided by them. I wonder what will become off my sister in the marriage.

RS: What do you think?


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  • @poster, your sister has chosen her path, all you need do is pray for her. However, her in-laws did’t do well, their actions shows how irresponsible they are is a pity your sister did not look well before going into that marriage.

    I know you would’ve want your sister to go home with your family that day and kiss the marriage goodbye but sweetheart is marriage she can’t just walk away like that. For the ill treatment melted out on your parents on that day, your sister was supposed to go home with your parents, stay with them till her in-laws and husband comes to apologise for what they did. In that way your parents would’ve gotten the respect they deserve from their in-laws.

    Note: your sister has a lot of work and prayers to pray for her marriage to work because her husband is irresponsible and has no respect for her.