I am a young man of thirty-five I dated my fiancée who is presently my wife for three years without sex. She was against sex before marriage, I actually understood her because I am also a Christian. I love her so much and I believed she worth the wait. We eventually got married as planned.

On our wedding day I gifted her and her mum a car each. After our wedding I had sex with her for the first time her inside was loose in fact I didn’t expect that but didn’t say anything. We traveled to Kumasi (Ghana) for our honeymoon.

During our honeymoon I asked her why she was that loose she said it was normal I kept quiet. Two weeks later, she started vomiting we went to hospital for malaria test it was negative.

The doctor suggested she run pregnancy test, at first she refused but later accept to run the test. the result confirmed she is three months pregnant and our marriage was just two weeks old. She confessed she has been having sex with another man during our courtship.

For three good years I courted her without sex not knowing she has been sleeping with someone else. My problem now is that I don’t know what to do with her whether to divorce her or to keep her, am so devastated right now because I love her so much.

RS please I need advise.


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