my wife's niece set my son on fire

my wife’s niece set my son on fire

My family is angry with me for letting her go unpunished…

My wife and I have been married for a couple of years and we have two lovely kids together; a boy and a girl. My wife’s 13 year old niece was brought to live with us. My wife has been the bread winner of her family since I married her and I don’t see anything wrong with It. Am from a wealthy home and am also a business man and I have more than enough. Ever since my wife’s niece came to live with us, we have been good to her and we even treat her like she was our own child.

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Early this year my wife and her driver was returning from the market and they met my five years old daughter by the gate crying bitterly. They rushed to her and asked why she was crying. She didn’t answer but ran to her mum and was dragging her to follow her. My wife and the driver followed her to our back yard and behold our three years old son was on fire with my wife’s niece watching and doing nothing to help.

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My wife collapsed at the sight of it. Our driver put off the fire and rushed him to the clinic but our son couldn’t make it to the clinic as he died on the way to the clinic for he was seriously burnt. My wife’s niece was asked what happened and she said my son insulted her so she put fuel on him and set him on fire. As am writing this, my wife is still in the psychiatry hospital fighting to recover from the shock. I sent my wife’s niece back to her mother but my family members are angry with me insisting I should have made her face the law. Was I wrong to have let her go unpunished?


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