We need to take a look at what the rib symbolizes. marriage is not a competition it is an institution that follows the divine pattern.

The bone was taken from the ribs of the man and not any other part of his body the bone was taken close to the heart to enable the man love and cherish his wife.

God located somewhere around the heart to remind every man planning to get married that the wife is a helper not a competitor. She is a helper, companion and home maker. The wife plays a complementary role not a competitive one. The wife is not a servant but a joint heir of the grace of God with the husband.

The wife is not a domestic servant she is a simple helper raised up by God to make the home a place where God is glorified.  The home is a place of rest, it is a place where efforts are joined together in order to provide a common front to pull down evil strongholds and upload the glory of God.


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